To end these, we exist to empower vulnerable communities, and unlock socioeconomic options they should have always had. It's about giving everyone a fair go to thrive.


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Thank you for taking the time to read up on our Impact Model. Before we get into it, we'll first get to know more about poverty and exploitation in our world today. 


Exploitation for labour and sex is a complex and overwhelming problem. Breaking it down into its fundamental factors allows us to understand it better and explore more meaningful ways to tackle it. 


The Big Question: How do we get 45.8 million to 0?


We came up with this:

Exploitation Formula green.png

On the right side, exploitation denotes the estimated 45.8 million people currently enslaved in the world. Exploitation often occurs when people are socially and economically vulnerable.

There will always be people, so it makes more sense to look into vulnerability. If we reduce vulnerability to 0we theoretically bring exploitation from 45.8 million to 0.   




we broke it down (broadly)

Vulnerability Formula.png