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threeonesix impacts the world through consumer goods. 
ethical production is just the start. Its about empowering those who produce what we consume. 


We hold so much power to impact the world just by what we buy. 

Our choices influence how goods are made in terms of quality and ethics. Our choices can mean empowerment, and an alternative to poverty, vulnerability and exploitation, 

Let's Raise the Standard, together.


Creating Change

Goods that Impact

Natural, organic, no flavouring or colouring.

Lasting Change

Empowering people from the ground up.

Direct Social Impact

Each product you buy changes lives.

Where We Are

threeonesix is proudly Australian. We're based in Perth, with friends all around the country! We'll soon list locations where you can find our products when you're out and about. 

We really like building relationships with cafes, bars, restaurants and events. We also love people who are impassioned for products that contribute to good in the world.  

If this resonates with you or someone you know, please get in touch by emailing us at We'd love to hang out.