threeonesix is impassioned to end poverty and exploitation in our lifetime. 


Our take on impact


One of the biggest lessons we took from our time in the nonprofit sector, is that more and more nonprofits each year are battling for a shrinking pool of funding and donations. We wanted to threeonesix to create something great for the world, and do it through an impactful and financially sustainable way.

From the get go, we had to decide how exactly we would create social impact. Do we donate some or 100% of our profits to social causes? Or is there another way, a better way to create lasting impact? These were our thoughts:

Profit Donation vs. Direct Impact


Simply put, we felt that "doing good" only with our profits would not make a big enough impact on the world. Focussing on creating profit can be restrictive and unhelpful from an impact and business perspective. Its hard enough to run a business, let alone donate enough profits that create meaningful impact in the world. 

We want to be an enterprise that still creates positive impact in the world, even if it doesn't make a profit.


Our direct impact model


threeonesix focusses on creating direct social impact through our supply chain. We also donate a portion of our profits to "turbocharge" the direct impact cycle. 

We begin with focussing on underdeveloped local industries, where community level wealth and well-being can so easily be created without subsidising or paying for anything that is not economically efficient. 

Essential to this, is us committing to long term and meaningful partnerships with key local producers who are as driven as we are about quality and ethical production. 

Our mindset is community-focussed. We support local producers to grow their operations, and uplift vulnerable people from poverty and exploitation through meaningful jobs. 

Our collective efforts culminate in quality crafted consumer goods. We deliver great products that are loved by our customers. We work at continuously improving the quality, aesthetics and functionality so that our products embody good, inside and out.