GABA Oolong

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GABA Oolong


GABA Tea involves fermenting tea in an oxygen-free (nitrogen) environment. By doing so, the tea maintains a high level of GABA (Gamma-amino Butyric Acid), a neurotransmitter, and is characterised by having one of the highest levels of anti-oxidants amongst all teas.

Coupled with the high presence of GABA, the tea provides a mild stimulating effect (due to the caffeine content), whilst lowering blood pressure, promoting more restful sleep, mental alertness and memory retention. 

It comes with an acetic nectar and oak taste. If you haven't yet tried GABA Oolong, you must try this truly unique tea! 

Infusions: 3
Serving Size: 50g
Servings per 50g: >12

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Oolong (whole leafed rolled)
USDA Certified Organic
Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand