threeonesix comes from deep passions to end global exploitation

We focus on underdeveloped local industries around the world. It's in and around these industries that poverty and exploitation often run rife. A lack of safe and stable employment options plays a huge factor in this. 

We partner with local enterprises who are passionate to empower vulnerable community members from the ground up. 

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the meaning behind threeonesix


The numbers three, one, and six has incredible significance to us. These numbers have played a key role as an indicator that we're on the right path. In good times, and in hard times. 

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There are many different drivers that fuel exploitation around the world.

They are classified in either of these three in nature:
social, environmental or economic 

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threeonesix is one solution that tackles these drivers. 

We support safe and dignified employment to those who are the most vulnerable, and support them in their organic agricultural practices. We also open up market opportunities, creating fairer compensation for all. 

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Cultures around the world use this gesture to denote six. It's also the shaka, meaning "good times" or "all right". 

threeonesix is all about lasting and sustainable impact. We strive for good times through our supply chains

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